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Title : 2012

Genre : Science Fiction / Action / Drama

Director : Roland Emmerich

Year : November 13th 2009

Duration : 2 hours 40 minnutes

Stars : John Cusack, Amanda Peet

2012 is Roland Emmerich's film which uses the Mayan calendar and other end-of-days prophecies for their doomsday scenario. In the Mayan calendar indirectly implied live on earth will be destroyed at the end of the year 2012. It imagines the world coming to an end in 2012. And the world is in ruin.

2012 film brings off a series of wonders. It starts when John Cusack drives a limo through the streets of Los Angeles as freeways and skyscrapers crumble all around him from the shock of a 10.5 earthquake. The climax occurs aboard the giant ark, when an equipment malfunction almost threatens the entire mission.

Some people say this film is very great. Because the images on the film looks like real. combined with good sound effects, making this film was intense. therefore, this film received a very high rating.

I think this movie is perfect, with a combination of music and images on film.

This film also suitable to watch with the family when the holidays.

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